Psalm 139:14 – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Part 1

by Jonathan Tsai -

Tags: Creator

Passage: Psalm 139:14

“Binocular Vision” a.k.a. Canon PhotoStitch (Image stitching program) on steroids:

Take your hand, flatten your palm, and place it perpendicular to your nose, between your two eyes. Close one eye and leave the other open. Then, open that eye and close the other. Finally, open both eyes.

Your two eyes are perceiving two different images, and when both eyes are open, your brain creates a composite image from the two separate images and you perceive one uninterrupted image, as if the two images were “stitched” together.

Many digital cameras today come with image stitching software, which is used in conjunction with a panoramic shooting mode. As you pan the camera and take images along the pan, the program is able to algorithmically calculate the similarities of the images and shared boundaries, and stitch them into one image. On my computer running a 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium Core 2 Quad and some advanced video card, there is still a noticeable delay when stitching images together.

With my two eyes and brain given to me by my Creator God, the innate “photo stitching software” is perfect, instantaneously creating a seamlessly “stitched photo.”

Indeed, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I worship my Creator, and praise Him for His wisdom and ways are higher than mine (Isaiah 55:9).

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